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29 June 2006 @ 10:19 pm
Having dinner with Sarah Terry @ my house is fun.

That is all.

♥ --kpL.
29 June 2006 @ 06:18 pm
[They don't love you like I love you]

Yesterday I went to Downtown LA with my Mom, Gma & Micahel. I got a cute outfit @ Old Navy. I also went to Fountain's 18th birthday party & it was really fun. We did Karaoke (Yan & Marcos sang "I Like Big Butt's"), Danny kissed Fountain (he even got "positioned" & everything), we danced & I slow danced with Marcos (fun, I guess) & just had a good time @ the Crown Plaza.

Today, I got my report card. The stupid report card I was having anxiety about since school ended, but I was pleasantly surprised. & guess who never has to take Dillard's class ever again, me! Today was a pretty lazy day. Erin came over & we made tacos for lunch, yumm. I love that girl.

♥ --kpL.
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27 June 2006 @ 11:34 pm
[we were made to be unbreakable, love was all we knew]

Today was fun. I went shopping for Africa stuff with Tamara & Ayla. Then I got my nails done with mi madre & then I went to youth group, which was pretty funny.

♥ --kpL.
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27 June 2006 @ 01:09 am
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26 June 2006 @ 09:31 pm
Championed by a soulless media misleading
people unaware they're bleeding
No one with a brain is believing
It's so sad you lost the meaning
Never knew it anyway.

So, this weekend was really fun: Carwash, hanging with Erin @ Hannah's party, sleepover con Micah, church, Africa meeting, shopping con Jayme & Tamara, bbq @ Stacie's & fun phone conversations con Sarah Terry.
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25 June 2006 @ 11:10 pm
I have a feeling
that this
is going
to be
the best
of my
24 June 2006 @ 12:32 am
And the livin' is easy.
I went to school for a photo meeting,
then I went to the movies with Micah.
I bought a cute dress @ Old Navy
& I bought my Mom one too.
I went to my Dad's for dinner &
I'm getting kewl sunglasses.

Today= Carwash, possibly shopping, dinner with the fam. & Hannah's bday party.

Night yall, ♥ --kpL.
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22 June 2006 @ 02:35 pm
And the livin' is easy,
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high.
Oh yo' daddy's rich
An' yo' ma is good lookin'
So hush, little baby,
Don't you cry.
22 June 2006 @ 04:13 am
I'll say the last day of school didn't feel like the last day of school. But, I must say that I'm glad it's over. I found out in Journy. that I won "The Most Likely to See the Virgin Mary in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich" award. Haha, there's a whole other joke that leads on from that, but wow, does Ziegler have a sense of humor. It's all in good fun I suppose. Jenny & I helped out in the library & visited Fallon one last time. We have a plan to mess up Erin T.'s graduation. If Fallon does it, I'll love him forever. Next came The Lake House with Michael. It was odd, but decent I supppose. Then dinner @ my Dad's (my uncle & grandma from New York are in town). Then, sleep.

It's summer time, baby!

♥ --kpL.

P.S. Sleep & graduation today!!
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Mates of State- "Drop & Anchor"

It's the way I see it, and oh what a point of view
It's the line that calms us all, like a bell on fire
It's the line that calms us all, and how we love the call
Aim the sound at me

The small wall, the long haul up
Where candor always leads the conversation
The center of cities, it is divided
But it has no imperfection

It's the wall that holds us there
I'm thinking I can fly now
It's the wall that holds us there
As the city draws us down
I hear Mexico

Above all, are we out for contact?
Oh, can't I

And I could be an anchor
Drop me in the bay and watch me hold you steady

It's the way I see it and oh what a point of view

And I could be an anchor
Drop me in the bay and watch me hold you steady

Hold you
It's the way I see it
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